What We Did

We approached the challenge in two stages:


Stage 1 – Research

We conducted research with target customers in their homes in Jakarta and Bandung to understand their motivations, behavior, and emotional needs. On top of in-depth conversational interview, we included several exercises as part of the research such as card sorting, meaning cards, and experience walk through to better understand their mental model, terminology, and emotions.
We also did observation and interviews at retail outlets to understand how customers interact in the retail channels, their questions, concerns, and expectations. This turned out to be a key touch point to address the design challenge.

On top of these, we also conducted competitive review and heuristics expert review of the existing touch points to identify potential areas for improvements.
We then synthesized all the findings to derive customer insights, design personas, and mapped the customer journey.


Stage 2 – Strategy

From the insights, we created derived a service blueprint to plan out the customer experience delivery across touch points. We also derived design principles to guide consistent experiences across multiple touch points. For each touch point, we translated the design principles into specific guidelines, do’s and dont’s as design best practices. Collaboratively with the XL team, we looked into restructuring the navigation and user journey for UMB and MyXL app.

As for retail experiences, we created a storyboard of what the ideal experience should be, this includes script as well as innovative solutions to enhance the customer experience in selecting and purchasing the right product suitable for their needs.



Through a four-months long engagement on the project, we achieved the following outcomes:

  1. Improved structure and labeling of UMB menu. Initial roll-out of the menu on digital services showed increase of 40% in user hit rate just with changing labeling
  2. Skeleton and guideline that sets the foundation to improve MyXL mobile app and UMB interaction
  3. Service design guideline and concept for retail experience as the highest conversion touch point for service upgrade