What We Did

We embarked on an exploratory research journey with our client for a month in Jakarta. The process was broken down into three main phases: Exploratory research, User research and Concept & Usability Testing.

Desk Research

We started with intensive desk research around the solar panel ecosystem (providers, services and regulator) and existing solar panel and energy management applications to gather inspirations and better understand the existing ecosystem.

Stakeholder Workshop

We organized a one-day stakeholder workshop to align expectations, brainstorm possible problems and prioritize the research questions.

Field Research

We conducted In-Depth Interviews with various roles from the business divisions, architects and, existing and potential customers to understand the needs and pain points from different points of view.

Conventional way to cooling down overheat solar panel


We synthesized the findings and extracted three main insights clusters: the customer profile, financial scheme and energy management usage.


  1. Customer insights: We uncovered the main behavioural patterns which influence customer motivations and decision in using solar panels.
  2. Customer profile: Different customer profiles were identified to better understand their needs, motivation and pain points.
  3. User journey: The user journey clearly captured a holistic overview of the user’s need, touchpoints, pain points and opportunity areas.
  4. Design principles: We created the design guidelines based on customer insights for future service or product implementation so there’s no guesswork!