What We Did

We went through 2 phases from discovery up to implementation in almost 6 months:

Phase 1 – Value Proposition Research and Concept Development

Stakeholders Interviews and Co-design Workshop
One day interview with the stakeholders to brainstorm ideas and prioritize solutions based on their impacts and efforts to make the changes

In-depth Interviews and Concept Explorations
We interviewed and observed customers around different cities and rural areas in Indonesia to understand their motivation and pain points to do savings at Banks.
We also tested some concepts to see their preference of solution and to gather feedback on the concepts.

Synthesis and Concept Iteration
After we finished field research in one city, we did a synthesis to capture insights from the research so we can improve the direction of the research for the next city.
The concepts tested during the IDI are also iterated based on the feedbacks and we conceive other concepts based on the concept testing.


  1. Behavioral Insights
    Behavioral insight gave an understanding of how customers make a decision in savings, which would help us identify their needs and see the opportunities where we can help them
  2. Design Principles
    From the behavioral insight and field findings, then we formulated Design Principles which would become our guide on creating design and solution for the customers
  3. Behavioral Types
    Behavioral types help the designers empathize and understand the customers’ life, motivation and fear so we can ideate suitable product concepts for those users
  4. Concept Recommendation
    Based on the insights and design principles, then we came up with key concept recommendations which would help them to control their money and tangible

Phase 2: Concept Prototyping and Implementation

To find out if the concept answers the consumer needs and able to increase CASA. We also detailed out the service design to ensure successful implementation. We did 4 iterations with different prototypes in the real world to find the design of the product that would fit their needs.

Iterative Design Process

  1. Before the start of each iteration, we design and produce the product based on the feedback from the customers, Bank Agents, and Stakeholders.
  2. Preparing communication and presentation materials such as x-banner, brochures, guidebook
  3. Socialization to introduce and distribute the product by gathering 20–30 people
  4. In-depth Interview not only with Customers but also Bank Agents to dig in their experience using the product
  5. Synthesis to find the pattern from issues found during the in-depth interview
  6. Based on the synthesis result, we did ideation to change and develop the design and concept for the next iteration


Impacts to Customers: Helps them to be discipline in savings and be able to do savings in a more convenient way
Impacts to Bank Agents: Helps them in increasing trust and awareness of Bank Agents in the area
Impacts to Bank BRI: Customers started to do savings at the Bank and collected about $2,750 with an average of $53 savings per transaction

Close Collaboration with Bank BRI team

During the project, we worked closely with BRI core team. They were directly involved in the field research, recruitments, IDI, synthesis, and almost every stage of the projects.
By working collaboratively, It helped us further understand the client’s need and what’s important to them on the project, so we can dig deeper on their preference and goals to ensure a better research result that fits the client’s vision. It also directed the project’s course so we could manage the project’s time and resource more effectively.

Awards and Recognition

We are very honored and humbled that this project win in IxDA Interaction Awards 2019 for Best in Category: Optimizing and Best in Show. For further detail, click here. We also wrote an article about this project on Medium

What our client said

Riset yang dilakukan tidak hanya selesai sampai dengan temuan dan rekomendasi tapi kami dibantu menyusun strategi dan mock up sehingga lebih implementatif untuk pengembangan produk.
Suasana keterbukaan dalam bertukar ide, rencana kerja yang terstruktur, disiplin terhadap timeline, membuat projek berjalan sesuai target dan sangat menyenangkan. 

Mohamad Khoerudin
Assistant Manager
Corporate Transformation Division