What We Did

We are working as a partner to the client on a yearly engagement since 2019 til now. We employed a few research activities such as foundational research, product strategy, iterative user testing and design, to help achieve the objectives.

Foundational Research

The aim of conducting foundational research is to understand the current music behaviour of music listeners and musicians (artist).

In-depth Interviews

We interviewed two groups of profiles: music listeners and musicians, to better understand their perception and behaviour toward music consumption and production (for musicians). We also tested several sacrificial concepts of new product features to get their initial feedback.

IDI with music listeners at their homes

IDI with musicians on the industry and their process


In addition to in-depth interviews, we also conducted intercepts at several commercial centres in Jakarta. We showed respondents our sacrificial concepts to get their quick feedback as well as to quickly ask about their music consumption behaviour.


  1. User insights: The user insights we uncovered helped informed us of decisions on business strategy and product design that seek a balance between what the users need and business goals.
  2. Product Strategy:
    1. Concept feedback & future product features: By analysing the feedback from the respondents regarding the concepts, we have a better understanding of their preferences and used that to help finetune and create future features for product implementation.
    2. Opportunity areas & product direction: By identifying gaps that are happening between user’s expectations and current solution offering in the market, we were able to steer the direction of where the product should be heading to seize the opportunity for retention and growth.

Interconnected Product Ecosystem

Most of the music catalogue in Langit Musik is coming from music labels, but with the rise of independent artists, the role of labels is slowly fading away as artists are starting to sell, distribute and manage their own products. This condition is an opportunity to seize, hence in one of our recommendations, we also accommodate the needs of the artists by providing them a platform where they can sign up and upload their music to Langit Musik. They are also able to view the analytics, keep track of their revenue through the artist dashboard.

On the listener’s side, they are not only consuming music through Langit Musik mobile application, but also through website and TV app. These multiple touch points make listeners have various access to consume music while keeping a seamless experience.

In the product strategy, Langit Musik aims to have an interconnected product ecosystem so that with this interconnected platform, Langit Musik is able to continuously support local musicians, bringing more local content to reach a wider audience.

Iterative Design Process

The product strategy is then being translated into product development timeline, which includes time to develop wireframes, prototype, conducting user testing and delivering high fidelity design (which done in collaboration with Sixty Two as design partner). The whole process is done iteratively, meaning first we came up with an initial design and test it to users. The feedback that we got then is used as a base to refine the initial design which consequently is going to be tested again in another round of user testing. By doing this, the design that we deliver has undergone several iterations to minimize the risk of developing the wrong solution.


  1. Each of the design prototypes that we made is being tested to users so that we can gain their feedback on usability issues.
  2. Based on the user feedback, we make improvement recommendations to further refine the design.
    1. For Langit Musik mobile application (listener facing):
      1. Redesign the overall look and feel from ver.4.0 to version 5.0 which inline with local culture.
      2. Redesign the information architecture and layout that accommodates user’s expectation when using Langit Musik, such as top indonesian song list, artist recommendation.
      3. Adding features that heightened the user’s experience, such as see lyrics, share lyrics with editable visual background, podcast.
    2. For artist platform (musician facing):
      1. Evaluate and improve the onboarding experience.
      2. Layout improvements in the analytics page.
      3. Copywriting improvements in various screens.

Client Testimonial

It’s great to be able to collaborate with Somia, they bring many added values in various aspects. The approach used is up to date and meets what the market needs.

Alen Salvo Pratomo
Digital Music Product Management

Download the latest version of Langit Musik here for iOS and here for Android.