What We Did

We interviewed female workers and entrepreneurs in their homes / workplaces. Through card sorting exercise, they told their stories along important life moments– what empowers them and what they find problematic as women. We looked into their attitude towards risk prevention and protection and how it is unique compared to men.


From the research, we derived insights about the vision and struggles of working women in Indonesia, including their needs and perspectives on insurance services. We created provisional personas to highlight the characteristics of these women. The insights were then shared with the client as part of a global study, in which they could see the contrast between Indonesia and other countries.

Following up the research results, we conducted 4 sessions of co-creation workshop. A few participants from the research were invited as well. In pairs of similar life situation, the participants evaluated a series of product concepts and ideas. Taking forward what’s relevant to their needs, each pair eventually came up with their own concept of ideal insurance.