Ideabox is a business incubator and offers various trainings and workshop for its participants. Somia were invited to share UX knowledge and we particularly tailored the training around user research and usability testing.

The training covered the overview of UX Process, Research, Usability Testing, Sketching and Prototyping.

Parts of the training involved hands-on exercises, where participants were challenged to try various methods themselves and to share their experiences with each other. For example, Aya of Somia (pictured beside) gave a demonstration on sketching, a method that can be easily conducted as part of conceptualizing and detailing a product function and interactions.

Our friends at Ideabox were quick and excited to pick up the methods and tricks. On Day 2 and Day 3, there were able to expand their ideas through trying out the methods and apply them right into their current process of solidifying products and business concepts.

The 3-day workshop was a great opportunity for the Somia team to learn and think about the startup culture in Jakarta as well as to exchange ideas and knowledge with teams at Ideabox. Thank you Ideabox!

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