We were really honored to share our experiences at Unite UX event which was held in Jogjakarta, on May 10th 2014. The venue was set in Jogja Digital Valley Jl. Kartini no. 7 Sagan, Jogjakarta, Indonesia. About 30 participants enjoyed the event, comprising of local Indonesian students and young professionals coming from various background interested in User Experience (UX).

Damas and Trias as moderator started with informal introduction and continued with Ketut Sulistyawati as the event’s main speaker by sharing her past experience as a User Experience (UX) professional in Singapore and insights from her current work with Somia Customer Experience. There is a lot of interesting questions about how to start to work in the field of User Experience (UX); even some of participants who already work in field of UX were curious about how to deal with overseas client. Sulis continued gave some useful tips on how to communicate with corporate and overseas clients.

The terminology of User Experience (UX) in the professional world is quite new, especially in Jogjakarta. The community is really enthusiastic and eager to learn about UX. We are delighted to see how the interest and awareness in UX has grown so much in the Jogjakarta community. In the near future we hope there will be a lot more of UX professionals coming from Young Indonesians. Go Unite UX! You guys rock!

Unite UX website: http://uniteux.com/
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Photo courtesy of UniteUX