Perhaps the earliest industry that relies on Customer Experience excellence, today’s CX practitioners could learn a great deal from the Hospitality industry.

For example why do some of hospitality businesses failed, despite it fulfils every standards existed, and why do some other gained success despite its obvious shortage here and there?

The reason according to Jon Taffer, the legendary hospitality consultant and host of TV show Bar Rescue, lies in what sort of customer reaction you could create.


You aren’t in the service, food, beverage, beauty, law, accounting, merchandising, technology… or whatever other industry you define as your business. I believe you’re in the business of customer and employee reactions.

While there are five must-haves of any successful establishment: convenience, cleanliness, quality service, great value, and safety, to look at them as an end goal is foolish:

If all you need are these five basic elements to create a winner, then why do people park ten blocks away from a hot nightclub, step over puddles in its bathroom… pay three times more for a drink than the place next door, and walk through a dark parking lot in the middle of the night to get back to their car?

These business succeed because they do a better job at selling the true product—the customer’s reaction.

This is a state of mind that many product-focused entrepreneurs find difficult to understand.

Surely, if one product is “better” than another, survival of the fittest will win every time, right? You may like to believe so, but the truth is that people buy products for desired outcomes, which is why their reaction is so important.

You’re not selling your product; but you’re selling the ability to help your customers be awesome.

What do you think?

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