Last week I was invited to Kecap Bango Kuliner Nusantara’s panel discussion as one of the panelist. The topic is “Peluang dan Tantangan Kuliner Indonesia masuki Peta Kuliner Dunia” where I shared the floor with two others experts: one is no other than Om William Wongso, the well known Indonesian Food Ambassador, and the other is the historian JJ Rizal, who is also one of the candidate for Depok City Mayor.

Initially confused on how I can address my food blogging experience and contribute to the subject, a help was coming from the Customer Experience perspective, thus I can achieve something I’ve been longing to find: A connection between my passion (food) and my career (CX).


So I draft my presentation by putting the audience in the shoes of the customers, and carry them through the journey one would travel, in becoming an avid consumer of Indonesian food. I laid out four simple stages: Discovery, Onboarding, Exploration, and Mastery, which I label as “The Foodie Journey.”

Bloggers, and foodies on social media plays the crucial part in two of the early stages, while the government plays a more significant role in the later two.

Well judging by the look on the audience faces, the silence, and the nodding they made, it looks like the matter attracted their attention. Later it was covered in Antara’s article here: 

I’d publish another article on this matter, after updating the original slides with the insights gained from the discussion. (byms)


by Bayu Amus