On weekend of 8th & 9th March 2014, the first ever Bali Service Jam was held in Ubud, Bali. For just two days time, people from different walk of life are jamming to create service design ideas that help answers real-world issues.

Beside Indonesians, the 30 participants are coming from different nationalities: American, Australian, Belgian, British, Dutch, Germany, Indian, Norwegian, Singaporean, Spanish; from Jakarta, Bali, and neighbouring countries.They also have diverse background ranging from designer, business owner, developer, startup, telecommunication expert, student, yoga teacher, life coach, musician – each bringing their unique perspective to the Bali Jam.

Set in the cosy coworking space of Hubud (Hub in Ubud), which located near the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali, The Bali Service Jam itself was a part of about a hundred similar other workshops around the world that’s happening on the same weekend.

The theme of this year’s Global Service Jam itself was kept secret until the start of workshop, and participants were grouped spontaneously on the spot, hence they’re left with the only option of “jamming” or to do an improvised work without prior preparation. Just like musical jam but the result is a service design prototype.With the mantra of “doing not talking,” after the two days of workshop each participating groups must produce a prototype of their service, create a walk-through video explaining their concept, and present their interactive prototypes in front of other groups.

The most favourited project was “Karma Coin” which brought forward the concept of “Now recycling in Bali is ‘sexy’ and profitable for the local communities.” This program offers an idea of gamifying residential trash dumping activity, where participant of the project will get a reward for trash recycled through Karma Coin system. The idea itself came out of a concern on seeing how many Balinese are struggling with the high cost of major ceremonies like Funeral, while on the other hand each household produces significant amount of trash, that can be monetized through recycling.

As runner-up was the Urban Play which aims to provide “A place for rest and play in Jakarta,” in form of elevated urban park along Jakarta’s new planned MRT route. The concept offers a domed botanical garden with facilities for busy and tired business people to refresh, rest, or simply looking for a shelter from the heat and rain.

The two days workshop was mentored by John Alderson, a Freelance Communication Design Specialist at IDEO Singapore, one of Hubud founders, and Ketut Sulistyawati, PhD, a Customer Experience Expert, founder of Somia Customer Experience.

This first ever Service Jam in Bali was initiated Somia Customer Experience, and organized together with volunteers in the local design community.

Please visit for more information, for the submitted projects, and for photos and videos of the event

Videos from the event