Simple Usability Testing – Akademi Berbagi Bali from Ketut Sulistyawati

We are excited to be part of “Akademi Berbagi Bali” that was held on Saturday, June 7th 2014 at STIKI Indonesia.

Akademi Berbagi Bali is a social movement with the spirit to share knowledge, insights and experiences. Its activities are in the form of short courses taught by practitioners who are experts in their respective fields.

This time Akademi Berbagi is inviting Ketut Sulityawati and team to teach about User Experience (UX), and how it applied to common Indonesian startup business. Responding this wonderful opportunity, Somia are keen to share about “Simple Usability Testing” and show the audience how to do it on their own, because User Experience design doesn’t need to be complicated.

We often spend plenty of time to make a product / service, but by the time the product has been launched into the market, we realize that the product is not easy to use, has poor User Experience, or not in accordance with the needs of the customers. This leads to customers getting frustrated, complaining, and even spreading bad news about the product.

Usability testing refers to the part of User Experience (UX) design process of understanding what users do and why they do it.

Usability testing involves recruiting individual test participants. They are invited to try using the product while we’re observing their behaviour. The process of watching and listening to actual users carrying out tasks with the product provides great insights into what works and what doesn’t, and most importantly – WHY.

Traditional usability testing is very effective but often seen as time-consuming and expensive, therefore not many organization is willing to invest in it. Somia believe that everybody should be able to reap the benefits of usability testing, that’s why we’d like to show how usability testing can be done faster, easier, and much, much cheaper. User Experience design exists for everyone, and is doable by everyone.

It sounds simple, and it is. Yet usability testing is an extremely effective way of helping you understand what you can do to improve your user experience and increase sales, build brand loyalty and expand the customer base for your product.

Check out Akademi Berbagi Bali website: