Another year has passed, and again, it has been a wonderful year full of learning and exciting new experiences for us at Somia. Reflecting back, there were things we did very well, and there were some where we f**ked up. The latter is where we learnt the most!

Expanding the horizon

This year, we had great opportunities to work on various cool projects, from digital to service and physical product design, that pushed us to broaden our perspectives.

We rolled our sleeve and worked to understand non-communicable disease and healthcare system in Indonesia, plan user interface for wearable command and control devices for the Police Force, develop Visual Design Language to synchronize multiple banking applications, evaluate multiple digital banking touch points, uncover financial needs and opportunities for the micro segment in Indonesia, design user interface for kitchen space, understand Muslim needs to uncover new opportunities in the bath space, perform series of evaluation with drivers for ride-hailing experience, develop CX strategy for a hardware store in Singapore, and conduct physical product testing on toilet bidet seats (this is perhaps the most intimate product we’ve ever worked on!) 😉

Awesome friends and collaborators

On the community side, we co-organized Open Gov Jam with Kantor Staf Presiden, Bali Service Jam with UXID Bali, and conducted survey to uncover the state of UX Profession in Indonesia 2017.

We are also so excited to be part of Reach Network — a global network of agencies specialising in human-centred design research and service innovation, and to parter with The Collab Folks to provide coaching in Product Management, User Experience Design and Agility.

On the learning side, we developed new module for Somia Academy’s Master Skill Series on Exploratory Research, and run it alongside with Synthesis Deep Dive and HCD 101: UX Fundamental for public.

A big thank you

We are very grateful that our journey in 2017 had taught us many things. Here is a cheer for you who has been a believer, mentor and partner for us. Thank you for bringing us to 2018, a year with new hope and exciting experiences.

Happy New Year 2018

We continuously look out for great people to collaborate with, create an impact and meaning in the work that we do, and have lots of fun doing it. We are looking forward to more opportunities to explore holistic solution, touching the end customers as well as the internal organization.
2018, we are ready to roll!

lots of love,
Somia Customer Experience family