It’s been less than a month since Singapore had its first reported case of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). For some reason, I wasn’t particularly alarmed but have to say I paid a lot more attention to the news and media: checking daily on the reported cases, where it is coming from (there is a diagram depicting the sources!), from symptomatic to asymptomatic, overseas to now local transmission, panic shopping, etc.

With the escalation of the transmission and the news (official and unofficial)flying amok, I started observing some changes in my own behaviour which was interesting for myself:

  • When making appointments with friends, I found myself asking: “Can we look for somewhere with outdoor seating?”. This is because the virus thrives under cold environment, that is why it is so rampant and hard to control in Wuhan as it is in a cold season at the moment.
  • I usually travel once or twice a month to meet with my colleagues but have taken to stop all travelling unless absolutely necessary. Indonesia has no reported case as of now and I don’t want that to be on me as the first case. ? We find ourselves using Skype video last Friday so we can see each other during our Friday Learning session, instead of the usual voice call.

Friday Learning with the Somia Team

  • There have been reported cases in churches, although not in the church I attend. Some churches in Singapore have been shut temporarily due to that. My church has also discouraged everyone from shaking hands during the ‘Meet and Greet’, and has provided Live Streaming services. I tried it out last Sun, which in itself was a new experience.

Sunday Service Live Streaming with International Baptist Church

  • And the church has also suspended all activities outside of Sat and Sun services, hence our Bible class was moved online.

Bible study with the Women’s Ministry

It has been encouraging to see how the incident has triggered and changed our behaviours to continue going on with our lives. This, by no means, replaces human to human interaction, but hey, technology used with the right intention, solves problems!

Let’s keep the policymakers, front-liners, researchers, and all those directly involved in beating this in our prayers and for everyone else to stay healthy and responsible! And of course… don’t forget to wash your hands more! ?