Experience Design Methods for Product / Service Development from Ketut Sulistyawati

We were honored to be invited to give a talk at the HFEM (Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Malaysia) Annual Seminar 2014, at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Here’s what the talk is about:

Products and services that deliver good user experience have been shown to be more successful in the market. User experience design is a practice of transforming user insights and emotion to create products and services that are useful, easy to use, and enjoyable. The process requires in-depth understanding of the customers and inter-disciplinary collaboration to ensure connected experiences across customer touch points.

In this talk, Sulis discussed various User Experience Design methods that are commonly used for product and service development. She covered the pros and cons for the methods, and how they are often tweaked in practice to meet the contextual constraints in the industry.