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The perk (and risk) of working in a shopping centre is we can easily go to the supermarket downstairs to buy stuff. Recently during one afternoon break, I discovered an unexpected innovation in consumer goods: new straw design! I quickly picked up a handful of drinks to which the new straw design belongs. Back at the studio, we sipped through the new experience together and here comes our collected feedback:

Trying out new products is one of our sources of inspiration. It hones our senses on what makes a good or bad experience. This time we got to try something new in beverage product, quite exciting as not many brands think of innovating in this small ubiquitous part! I would love to see more brands putting on their experimentation hats to keep pushing better products for the customers.

What’s the last product that you experienced for the first time? Let us know in the comment, we’d love to try it out too!

Note: this is an independent review; we are not commissioned by Nestle or other party for this evaluation.