1. Know what you are trying to find

Write the summary of the main research questions on a small piece of paper (like A5). Even though you already have your detailed interview guide discussion ready, the summary on A5 paper will help you to stay on the right track and keep reminding you what information that you should find.

2. Find somebody who is not in a rush

When you are in the field starting to find candidates, look for cues from body gestures of the people. Firstly, look for people who walk rather slowly and their eyes / gaze are not fixed into a point, avoid people who walk in a rush and have a focused gaze, usually they will reject you right away. Secondly, if you can make accidental eye contact, chances are they are not that busy and have a greater chance to be asked.

3. Find a ‘base-camp’


Sometimes when your intercept location is in a commercial centre (malls / market), it is quite uncomfortable to have the interview on foot, the distractions of people passing through and the surrounding noise makes it hard to have a conversation. In addition, the scenery of your team holding pen, papers, recorders and taking photos  would probably catch the attention of the malls’s security. What you can do is to split your team into two, one stays in a restaurant or cafè to get some comfortable seating for interview and the other team will search for candidates. Whenever the search team already found some candidates, bring them to the restaurant or cafè to have the interview.

4.Prepare incentives in advance

Plan ahead how many candidates that you are willing to get, then prepare the incentives for each of the candidates. You might want to consider how much time do you need from them and their core belief and culture to determine the value of the incentives. Also it always handy to have extra incentives If something goes out of plan, for example the interview took longer than you promised to them, so that you have to give them extra.

5. Watch out for your belongings

You have heard it many times. Yet, sometimes when we dwell and focus on the interview, we sometimes forget and being unaware about our surroundings. It happened to one of our clients while doing intercept in some malls in Jakarta, he lost his rucksack in a coffeshop. We were shocked and unaware that these things would happen in such places. So please be aware of your belongings when you do an intercept!