Start and End with Customers
and Business in Mind

Our clients never get a cookie-cutter approach from Somia: we analyze, question and at times challenge briefs to make sure the objectives are clear and the deliverables are
on-point with what is needed.


SOMIA_Service_Strategic Transformation

Strategic Innovation
& Transformation

Our methodology reduces the risk, cost and effort of innovation and transformation efforts by continuously testing assumptions, validating solutions and adapting to emerging insights.


Product &
Service Design

Whether it’s a brand new product or service concept or a proposition that you are trying to kick some life back into, we work closely with you to dig deeper, with design research and rigorous testing methods to inform the team to strategize, plan and implement the solutions.

SOMIA_Service_Usability Testing

Usability Testing &
Expert Evaluation

We engage actual users to evaluate the prototypes or solutions and use the findings to iterate continuously to optimize our design solutions. Live and learn!

Core Strengths



We foster collaboration with your team to look for solutions aligned to the business goals and implementable within any given technical constraints.


Understanding Users & Local Nuances

We have deep empathy for the customers, ensuring the design solutions are rooted in customers context, motivation, and pain points.


Thoughtful and
Innovative Solutions

From digital, physical, service design, 
to internal processes, to solve problems, as relevant experiences take place across mediums and touchpoints

We Strive for Meaningful Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Abundant and random opportunities do surface through 
multi-disciplinary collaboration, therefore we welcome new ways to work together whether it is to set up new ventures or empower existing talents and organisations.


Somia Academy

We are dedicated to imparting practical skills related to user experience, design thinking, and human-centered design, whether it is in-house or public.

Explore Somia Academy
observation room

UX Lab

Our UX lab is designed carefully and equipped with facilities to observe and record (audio and video) the sessions with a one-way mirror.

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The SomiaCX team was an excellent partner to Bot MD! Somia Team have been an amazing help to our project at Bot MD and in helping us figure out how to build something doctors want. I highly recommend them as partners to anyone interested in designing for the Indonesian market.

Dorothea Koh

CEO & Founder

Somia brings a new perspective in regards to presenting relevant research to the business. A solid understanding of business challenges faced by the client is aligned successfully with the customer’s reality, which is well-captured through the combination of research and design. This approach brings out a research result that is more feasible to be implemented for the business.
Thanks Somia.

Mohamad Khoerudin

Business Transformation Manager
Bank Rakyat Indonesia

Somia is a very recommendable, professional, friendly and very determined team. They have helped us achieve an important part of our global study. Our client was delighted and this is what we look for in a collaborator. We will definitely work together with them again!

Olivier Plante

Innova Partners, Spain

I had a great experience working with Somia. The team was highly dedicated to the project. They gave inspiring solutions from many point-of-views, and the output they produced were amazing. Thanks to Somia Team, keep rocking!!

Roy Salat

Digital Micro Proposition Manager
Bank Rakyat Indonesia

The overall experience working with Somia CX is excellent! Most of our projects have very short runway and Somia CX is still able to deliver very high quality work. Their thoughtful and meticulous approach, leaving no stone unturned, enable us to discover many great User Experience insights!

Yong Khang Chian

Dell Global B.V. (Singapore)
Senior Principal User Experience Lead

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