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  • Knowledge

    Reimagining Indonesia’s Healthcare Journey in 2030

    In order to bridge some gaps in users’ expectations and Indonesia’s healthcare system, we attempt to reimagine the journey by looking into Indonesians’ attitude towards healthcare, the government’s equalitarian approach to its people’s health and some healthtech movements.

    18 May 2020 • 6 mins read

  • Knowledge

    Signage and Way Finding Design Strategy: Behind the Scene

    It’s not too long since I joined Somia Customer Experience. Despite the short time, I got a chance already to work on a very interesting project about signage and way finding design strategy! Here is the story.

    13 May 2020 • 4 mins read

  • Knowledge

    Tips for Running a Remote Research

    We successfully did a series of remote researches during the COVID-19 situation. Here’s what we did and what we learned from it.

    23 Apr 2020 • 7 mins read

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