Due to the confidential nature of our work, we are unable to show details for every project. Here are a few representative highlights from our work.


Insurance for Women

Research . Training & Workshops

We interviewed female workers and entrepreneurs to understand their motivations and pain points along important life moments. We looked into their attitude towards risk prevention and protection and how it is unique compared to men. It was followed up with a co-creation workshop where they imagine what an ideal insurance service could be like.

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Google Apps Field Research


We were engaged by Google to be the local partner to conduct several research projects across different product lines, such as Google apps, search, maps, etc.

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E-Wallet Experience

Digital Interaction . Research

E-wallet is an electronic money service that allows customers to make financial transactions using their phones. To support meaningful service offering and to deliver best experience to their customers, we helped the client to discover insights about the customers and their financial behavior, design the customer journey and the user interface, and test the concept using an interactive prototype.

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XL Service Experience

Digital Interaction . Research . Service Design

We work closely with XL to build the customer-centric approach towards service experience and build capabilities within the organization through on-the-job training. This foundation project was aimed to discover deep insights about the customers’ motivation and emotion, create personas and strategic service experience blueprint, develop principles and guidelines for the key customer touch points.

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Business Banking

Digital Interaction . Research . Service Design . Strategy

We were engaged by one of the top banks in Indonesia to redesign the internet banking for their corporate and small business customers, for desktop and mobile platforms. We started with in depth research within the organization and field research with their customers. We then worked closely with the internal and the development team to design feasible solution, with rounds of usability testing in the design iteration process.

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