Uncover customers’ mental model on financial transactions using their phones and how to best communicate the concept of e-wallet along the customer journey

What We Did

We started with field research, visiting customers at their homes. Within the 2-hours session, we tried to understand their daily lives, motivation, and behaviour around phone and monetary. Using paper money, we asked them to simulate how they go about managing their money. We also tested the e-wallet early concept in paper prototypes and invited the customers to co-create better solutions.

After the field research was completed, we worked together with the client to synthesize the findings to derive insights and key personas. We facilitated a workshop to come up with alternative customer journey, involving role play on how to educate customers about the product. 

Based on the improved customer journey, we created interactive prototypes and tested it again with customers to gather feedback.


  1. Customer insights and key personas, prioritized based on needs and opportunities
  2. Design principles to guide the interaction design in every single touch point
  3. UI blueprint that has incorporated customer insights as well as internal concerns that came up during research, workshop, presentation, and usability test