Redesign the business banking platform for corporate and small business customers to make it simpler to use

What We Did

We started with in-depth research within the organization, while reviewing existing solutions. With understanding of current situation and expected future from the business perspectives, we conducted field research with the customers. We visited 20 companies and spent time with up to 3 key staffs in each company to explore typical process and problems that they face while using the solutions.


The research results were derived into personas, customer journey, and design strategies. We then worked closely with the internal and the development team to design feasible solutions. We applied three weeks sprint for each module, including wireframes sketching, prototyping, usability testing with customers, refinement, and UI design and guidelines.




  1. Easier and more efficient user interaction with the new design (as shown by the result of usability testing with real customers)
  2. Connected experience across all sections in the system and across platforms
  3. New differentiating features through user research to win against competitors