Evaluate customer acceptance, concerns, and challenges towards the new design of banking touch points targeted for seamless consistent experience

What We Did

We created a set of interactive prototypes consisting of three touch points: ATM, internet banking, and mobile banking. Much like our usual usability testing sessions, we used a laptop and a smartphone as test devices for internet banking and mobile banking respectively.

The setup for ATM was a new challenge, because testing on an actual ATM was not possible. We tried to simulate the experience by crafting a mock ATM station out of cardboards. The dimension was based on real measurement, and inside we planted a touch screen of a typical ATM screen size. This make-believe structure had to be sturdy yet lightweight and easy to pack and unpack, because it would be transported to 6 different testing places in Jakarta and Medan.

To figure out how customers felt about their experience between multiple touch points, each participant was asked to try at least 2 of the touch points. At the end of each session, we discussed what was particularly good and what could be improved in each touch point, and what could be unified between the touch points as a whole.

In total 23 customers participated in the usability testing. Starting with results from daily debrief with the client, we further analyzed the experience issues and concerns. We provided recommendations for improvements, including wireframes for the key screens.


  1. Customer insights regarding the existing touch points and feedback about the new design
  2. Design recommendation for applying seamless experience between multiple touch points, while optimizing the interaction mode of each touch point
  3. Key issues and ideas on how to get customers on board with the major changes in the new design