Somia means lifting up
to a higher level.

It is easy to solve an immediate customer problem, but there might be an oversight on its root cause. Together with you, we help find your customers’ real needs, and build solutions that solve it.

  • We discover the root cause before jumping to solution

    Although it may seem faster to solve a customer problem right away, you may lose the opportunity to target the real needs if you don't understand the root cause. We discover insights about your customers, business, and technology, to ensure our solutions are highly relevant and actionable.

  • We put the customer at the center of everything we do

    Good customer experience will drive higher loyalty to the brand. In helping companies deliver good experiences, we involve the target customers closely in our process, through customer research, personas, co-creation, and user testing. We believe this is key to great customer experience.

  • We help you transform into a better one

    We use the customer and business insights and help transform your existing solutions to deliver better experiences. This can happen in different ways, from defining high level strategy, designing the experiences, training in-house capabilities, to shaping the organization culture.

Somia Fact

Days helping brands making experience that people love

The Somians


Ketut Sulistyawati


Sulis has over 10 years of experience in User Research, Strategy and Design. She received her Bachelor degree in Product Design and PhD in Human Factors from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She has consulted international clients on product, digital to service experiences.

Beyond the above

Sulis has a dog who owns her. She wants to discipline him but would shower him with hugs two seconds after scolding him.


Tan Chin Chin

Director, Singapore

Chin Chin graduated from Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Throughout her design career in the past 15 years, her primary focus and interest has evolved from a pure product-based user interaction design to a 360 user experience that spans from product to user interaction to retail design.

Beyond the above

Chin is slave to her two cats. When she is not working, she is serving them by being their play thing and serving them food.


Matthew Green


A 14 year veteran UX professional, Matthew spans the role of UX manager, designer, and developer balancing of not just what should be done from a user and business perspective, but what is practical technically. Matthew holds a BA from Oberlin college and graduate studies in Interactive Design and Game Development from Savannah College of Art + Design.

Beyond the above

Outside his work Matthew loves to dance around his house or draw with his two lovely daughters.


Ukasyah Qodratillah A. P.

Senior Interaction Designer

Coming from graphic design background, Uka is drawn into user experience field due to his long interest in how the human mind works. Uka completed his magister degree in Design at ITB, with previously studied Visual Communication Design majoring in Advertising at the same Institution.

Beyond the above

Uka has been trying to establish communication with cats since he was studying, with little response from the felines though. But he keeps trying!


Dono Firman

Senior Consultant

Dono earned his degree in Industrial Engineering from Parahyangan University in Bandung, Indonesia, and Audio Engineering in London, UK. He did a Master degree in Strategic Design in Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Having a diverse and multidisciplinary background brings unique perspectives to his ways to solve problems. His latest clients include Kaskus, BTPN, and Puri Bunda Hospital.

Beyond the above

Dono senses sound as important as images and words to heighten memorable experiences. He occasionally composes sound for motion pictures.


Akhmad Reiza

Interaction Designer

Reiza started his career as a graphic designer. His enthusiasm in tech field and startups brought him to be involved with several tech startups as a UI/UX designer throughout his career. Prior to Somia, he already had experiences in UI design, UX research and also product management. He graduated from First Media Design School Singapore, majoring in Visual Communication Design.

Beyond the above

While off duty, Reiza can be found locked in his room while watching TV series and drinking his fancy tea.

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