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It is easy to solve an immediate customer problem, but there may be an oversight on the root cause. Together with you, we help find your customers’ real needs.
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Save Cash and Bank It!

Save Cash and Bank It!

https://youtu.be/mBq1K0_ffUo Challenge How might we get people to save their money in a Bank? Bank BRI (Bank Rakyat Indonesia) wants to …

OpenGov Jam

OpenGov Jam

Challenge The idea of open government supposedly enforces government to be more transparent and gives way for public to participate. How …

Kaskus Experience Blueprint

Kaskus Experience Blueprint

Challenge How might we monetize Kaskus without sacrificing user experience? Identify opportunities with Kaskus product range (Jual …

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Mohamad Khoerudin

Corporate Transformation Division, BRI

Somia brings new perspectives in delivering research that is very closely tied to the business. They are able to stitch neatly the understanding towards the business and organizational challenges faced by the client, along with real portrait of the customers gained through field research immersion, creating impactful research and design that are directly implementable by the business. Their openness to exchange ideas, work plans that are structured, and discipline on project timeline, making collaboration with Somia a really enjoyable experience, and most importantly, meeting the target set early on.

Dr Ida Bagus Semadi Putra, Sp.OG

President Director, Puri Bunda Hospital

Somia clearly demonstrated to us how to design products, services, and solutions by involving customers / users through the approach of design thinking / design sprint, which resulted in solutions that are quick to implement, cost-efficient, and fit the user needs. New initiatives derived from this process gained positive responses from patients, visitors, doctors, and staff.
Somia is a reliable partner for implementing customer experience. It’s worth the investment for customer-oriented companies

Ardy Alam

Chief Product Officer, Kaskus

“Somia brought fresh perspectives in our journey of transformation. Using effective methods to gather users’ and stakeholders’ insights, we were able to improve monetization without sacrificing the products’ UX.”

I Made Harta Wijaya

VP Service Experience Management, XL Axiata

“Somia brings with them the rare expertise in drawing deep customer understanding, which leads to better customer journey design and improve business performance. For instance, their recommendation in changing one word in the menu resulted in big increase in the measured customer engagement within days.”

Olivier Plante

Associate, Innova Partners, Spain

“Somia is a very recommendable, professional, friendly and very determined team. They have helped us achieve an important part of our global study. Our client was delighted and this is what we look for in a collaborator. We will definitely work together with them again!”

Marcel Takagi

Head of User Experience, JobsDB, Hong Kong

“I fully recommend Sulis as a very professional UX consultant, who really understands how to generate powerful insights from user research and transform them into great concepts. Besides she is a wonderful person whom I always enjoy working with.”

Ronnie Taufani

Vice Precident, Head of Marketing Services, Permata Bank

“I am very pleased working with Sulis. She demonstrated strong work ethic with excellent passion and focus. As a UX expert, she brings with her one of the most important skill that I appreciate from a consultant: listening skill. Coupled that with excellent research that she did prior to the meeting – it means she came well prepared – she’s truly the right choice to work with. I highly recommend Sulis and would love to work with her again in future projects.”

Samantha Sun

Product Manager, EF Education First

“It was my absolute pleasure working with Somia. Sulis, and her team of experts went above, and beyond; delivering actionable insights that we were able to put directly to production. To truly understand your business, I highly recommend that you leave your biases behind, and any pre-conceived notions of what you ‘know’ about your business, and join the team out in the field. The team will help you see what you really need to know. It was above all, a fun, and an immensely rewarding experience, and I very much look forward to working with Somia again. Thanks Sulis, and team.”

Rima Sjoekri

Director, Rasamasa

“When we first developed and designed Rasamasa, it felt like some kind of a crazy and random process that had to end up in a neat structure for our developer. Halfway through our design, I was introduced to the idea of User Experience by Somia. The idea was so much welcomed that we were willing to throw our first hard work on the design, and restarted. That was Rasamasa 1.0. Now, we’re about to go into Rasamasa 3.0, which is a matter of building on and enhancing the same logic with Somia Customer Experience.”


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Reimagining Indonesia’s Healthcare Journey in 2030
Reimagining Indonesia’s Healthcare Journey in 2030

Reimagining Indonesia’s Healthcare Journey in 2030

In order to bridge some gaps in users’ expectations and Indonesia’s healthcare system, we attempt to reimagine the journey by looking …

Signage and way finding design strategy: behind the scene
Signage and way finding design strategy: behind the scene

Signage and way finding design strategy: behind the scene

It’s not too long since I joined Somia Customer Experience. Despite the short time, I got a chance already to work on a very interesting …

Making a Remote Consent and NDA Form
Making a Remote Consent and NDA Form

Making a Remote Consent and NDA Form

Due to COVID-19, we no longer able to sign the Consent and NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) Form with the participants when we meet them. …

Remote Usability Testing Learnings
Remote Usability Testing Learnings

Remote Usability Testing Learnings

Here’s how we did our fully remote Usability Testing sessions during COVID-19 and what we learned from …

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